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ClassGather Overview

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What is it?

ClassGather is a platform that allows you to collect objective data on teaching practices and student behaviors. With this tool, you can track any observable behaviors within the classroom and use the data you gather to support sound decision-making for professional development and teacher quality assessment.

  • Great walk-throughs, peer coaching and formal observations
  • Gather objective and subjective data according to your district’s assessment needs
  • Easily customizable, complete with checklists and scale tools

reporting made easy

Reports are 100% customizable, and incredibly easy to create. View all observation data in aggregate to determine the effectiveness of professional development, standards-based teacher quality assessment or even track district goals.

  • Filter the district-wide data in any number of ways
  • View the data by a district-set permission tree
  • Internet-based, viewable on any browser


Available across all devices (computers, phones, tablets)