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License Management

Manage Digital and Consumable Licenses with Confidence

Track digital subscription lifecycle

Transparency - KNOW what's being used in your district

Search and assign digital licenses by user, course code, title and/or publisher


Responsible for managing digital textbooks

Student Equity

Use for budget forecasting


Usage Reports

Expenditure audit reports for ESSER, Title, Grants, School Purchases


Confidently manage your digital textbooks with robust search features

License availability


Date Range - see spending for a specific school year

Track - Reference spending to specific funding

How To Use ClassGather: Use Case 1

District A: License Management

When trying to use digital curricula in a virtual or blended environment, or simply as supplemental to in-person classes, school districts are faced with a simple question: where are our digital licenses? One district wanted to take full advantage of their digital publisher content, this is the question which led them to ClassGather.

As with any K-12 school district, this district had digital licenses across all subjects that were being provided by many different publishers and purchased using a variety of various funding methods. Starting prior to the start of school, the district was able to use ClassGather to view and search a comprehensive and up-to-date record of all their purchased digital licenses, which helped them prepare for the new school year.
ClassGather also helps school districts keep track of who they have assigned their digital licenses to. ClassGather’s experienced team worked with the district’s Curriculum and Instruction department to map their digital licenses to teachers and students in the district. By allowing the district to see what digital content should be assigned to each student and teacher and how many they licenses had used, as well as how many digital licenses the district had purchased, this district was better able to support their teachers and students and make informed purchasing decisions for each new year.

How To Use ClassGather: Use Case 2

District B: Rostering and Provisioning

Making use of digital curricula can be a challenging prospect for any school district, particularly when those materials are being provided by a variety of different publishers. While most publishers have their own platforms that can be accessed directly by students and teachers, they often have another option that makes it easier for students and teachers to access their digital curricula but is more difficult and time-consuming to set up: integration.

Most publisher integrations require two steps. First, exchanging the district roster and second, making the connection between the publisher platform and the district learning management system or single sign-on provider. While the formats and procedures associated with these steps are generally standardized, every publisher works slightly differently in practice. This district found it challenging to work through the intricacies of all their publishers to set up integrations, which is why they turned to ClassGather

ClassGather is able to use our experience integrating with K-12 publishers to efficiently set up working integrations. We first connect directly to a school district’s Student Information System to access the most accurate and up-to-date roster available and send the publishers rosters that fit each of their requirements. We then work within the context of the district learning management system or single sign-on provider to set up the integrations. For school districts this means more reliable access to their digital materials throughout the school year.

How To Use ClassGather: Use Case 3

District C: Streamline the Publisher Integration

When a school district decides to pursue publisher integrations into their learning management system, or even a single sign-on provider, a significant burden is placed on the IT Department, who often already have a full plate. When this district ran into this issue, they turned to ClassGather for support.

Getting an integration set up for every publisher used in a district takes time and effort, and most of that effort is, by necessity, concentrated in the first three weeks of school. This is a time when IT Departments are already busy doing things like distributing hardware to students and teachers, making sure that hardware is working, and managing an everchanging roster.

District administration wanted their IT Department to be able to focus more on these other important tasks during the beginning of school, rather than invest time in the hours of communication and work required to make sure students and teachers had access to their digital curricula. Using our established relationships with K-12 publishers, ClassGather was able to take over setting up their integrations at the beginning of the school year, as well as continuing to support those integrations throughout the school year.

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